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Custom Smart Deodorization UV Toilet Sterilizer


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Custom Smart Deodorization UV Toilet Sterilizer

UV sterilization and deodorization technology. This home bathroom UV sterilizer is designed with an IP65 enclosure, high-performance dustproof and waterproof. Gravity sensor switch, smart start. Multiple safety measures prevent direct UV exposure to people.

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Toilet UV Sterilization Deodorizer

Product Item: Smart Deodorization UV Toilet Sterilizer

[Seeking Cooperation] This Smart sterilization toilet deodorizer is a customizable product solution that already has a complete design of appearance, structure, electronics, and function. Now we are seeking customers who are interested in customizing such products to jointly invest in mass production. The solution can be put into production directly, or modified appearance and function before production according to your needs.

We are a professional disinfection electrical appliance design and production factory, has excellent R&D and production capacity. We provide the one-stop production services of product design, electronic circuit design, mold, injection molding, assembly. We can provide you with highly customized production services, turn your concept into products.


Product Description

This Smart household ultraviolet toilet sterilizer uses the latest high-performance 270 - 280 nm UV-C LED as the UV light source, which can effectively kill bacteria and viruses and eliminate the smell of the toilet. This product built-in a large-capacity rechargeable Li-battery that does not need to connect a power cord while working. IP65 enclosure of dustproof and waterproof to ensure longer working life in wet environments such as bathrooms. Multiple security designs for safe use in the families.



UV Sterilization: Ultraviolet rays have broad-spectrum bactericidal properties. UV germicidal irradiation can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in 10 seconds. NASA uses UV for deep disinfection in a variety of important scenes, including the International Space Station.


UV Deodorization: The main source of odor is various bacteria and compounds, such as mold or various odor molecules brought by pets. UV light can kill bacteria and destroy most of the odor compounds to achieve the effect of deodorization.


Easy to Use: Built-in gravity-sensing switch, auto works when the toilet lid is closed, doesn't need manual operation. This wireless toilet UV-LED disinfection has a compact size and rechargeable design, easy to install. Suitable for all kinds of household toilets.

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