What Are The Advantages Of UV Sterilization?

  • 2020-12-10 15:31:23

Disinfectants and electronic sterilization devices are necessary daily cleaning items in every family. Especially in the season of a high incidence of influenza and other infectious diseases, the frequency of use of disinfection products will increase significantly. Home UV sterilizers are the most common electronic sterilization devices in modern homes, and because of this year's special circumstances, many new types of UV sterilization devices are being accepted by consumers faster, including home UVC Air sterilizers, UV cutting board sterilizer, etc.

So what are the advantages of UV sterilization? Why has it become the preferred method of disinfection?

Effective Against More Germs

UV sterilization is a physical sterilization method that directly acts on the genetic material in biological cells. It destroys DNA and RNA to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses. Therefore, except for a few rare super bacteria, UV sterilization can effectively kill most bacteria and viruses. For the common germs in the home environments, efficient UVC germicidal lights are enough to meet cleaning needs

Fast & Efficient

UV rays are very efficient at destroying DNA and RNA. UVC rays of sufficient intensity can even kill bacteria within 1 second. So UV sterilization is very fast, but the sterilization time preset in different UV sterilization device is usually different because of different cleaning needs. For example, a LED UV sterilizer box that for cleaning daily small items just needs 5 minutes to achieve the required sterilization rate, and a high-power UV sterilizer used for sterilizing the medical device usually rules the sterilization time as 30 to 60 minutes.

Non-contact, No chemical residue

UV sterilization is carried out by light irradiation, and the cleaning work can be completed without touching the objects, which is very sanitary and convenient for the operator. And because of the characteristics of light, it will not leave any chemical by-products on the object after sterilization. So, UV sterilization is more safe and friendly to both the environment and users.

Energy Saving

UV sterilizers are representative of low energy consumption in electronic disinfection equipment. The daily power consumption of some small UV light air purifier is even less than 0.2 kwh.

At present, UVC LEDs, which are more energy-efficient and efficient than traditional fluorescent tubes, have been widely used in more products. It is believed that many UV sterilizers will have better energy-saving performance in the near future.

Low Cost

The UV sterilizers are the disinfection equipment with a mature technology that has been used for many years. Most of the UV sterilizers just need simple maintenance and their service life can reach thousands to tens of thousands of hours. This is a cost-effective way of sterilization and cleaning method for most families.

Because it has so many obvious advantages, ultraviolet sterilization has become one of the most trusted and favorite methods of disinfection. However, it should be noted that UV also has some shortcomings, users still need to follow the instructions carefully to use them, to safely and effectively use UV to complete the sterilization work.

LED UV Sterilizer Box

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