Tips For Daily Use Of A UVC Sterilizer Box

  • 2021-06-24 09:40:09

During the pandemic that lasted more than a year, many people purchased various household disinfection appliances, such as UV disinfectant box. People use sterilizers to sterilize masks, etc., to ensure that their families keep away from the virus and protect their health and safety. And now, as the epidemic eased and life gradually returned to normal, many people start to stop their daily disinfection work and left their sterilizers idle. But, use sterilizers for deep cleaning is a useful means to protect the health of the family in daily life. It is not a good choice to completely give up the daily disinfection works.

In this article, we will take the ATYOU UVC sterilizer box as an example to share some tips on the correct use of the multifunctional UV sterilizer box to help people perform part of the daily deep cleaning work better and more easily.

ATYOU UV sterilizer box is a home compound sterilizer with multiple sterilization modes. It has many functions, including UV sterilization, germicidal heating, and warm air drying. It can be used to sterilize and clean more kinds of daily items in life. The correct use of its various sterilization functions can make cleaning work very simple.

Disinfect electronic

Sterilizers with UV disinfection functions like the ATYOU UV sterilizer box are ideal smartphone UV sanitizers. To disinfect electronics such as smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, etc. Their basic UV sterilization function is the best choice recommended. Just put items into the UV disinfection box and run UV sterilization when reaching home every day, the cleaning will be done in minutes then the phone can be taken out for use. And for your home life cleaner, we recommend washing hands before taking the phone out, that will avoid the germs cross-spread again.

Consumer electronics such as smartphones are one of the most used items in daily life. Because of frequent contact, it is easy to gather and breed various germs, and pose a potential threat to health. Therefore, daily disinfection is so necessary. And because of the electronics' high cost and people's daily use demand, the disinfection for electronics needs to be efficient and must be harmless to items. UV sterilization is light irradiation sterilization mothed. It can kill germs by directly destroying their genetic material. It is efficient that can kill 99% of germs in a few seconds to a few minutes. In addition, the disinfection process will not turn the temperatures higher and doesn't need cleaning agents. Therefore, it will not cause damage to daily objects, especially various electronic products.

Note: TheUV disinfection effect will due to items' surface structures. For better cleaning, it is recommended to disinfect the items which have complex surfaces several times at different angles.

Disinfect wallets,masks, etc.

Wallets, cash, masks, and some other small items are also very common items that need disinfection. These daily items usually have more folds and interlayers, easy to absorb moisture. They are also easy to gather germs and viruses. Due to their structural characteristics, it may difficult to get a thorough clean just with simple UV disinfection. For better cleaning, it needs a further disinfection function.

Now, to suitable for disinfecting more items, many sterilizers on the market have built-in compound sterilization functions that combine multiple sterilization methods. For example, the ATYOU UV sterilizer box, its compound sterilization function integrates 3 functions of UV sterilization, 60℃germicidal heating, and warm air drying, which work together to get a better sterilization effect. Germicidal heating is the method of deteriorating the protein of microorganisms by heating, thereby killing bacteria and viruses. It has a very excellent sterilization effect on items with complex structures, including wallets, masks, etc. In addition to combining the advantages of ultraviolet rays and antibacterial heating, ATYOU's compound disinfection function also has a warm air drying effect. It can also take away water, slow the re-growth of bacteria, and prolong the sterile state.

Clean storage

In addition to the above items, there are some special items in the home that need to be sterilized and stored in a clean environment, including unpacked sanitary gauze, cotton swabs, etc. Therefore, many UV sterilizers have added a clean storage function, such as the ATYOU UV sanitizer box. They use periodic automatic sterilization to create clean storage space. That is also very practical in daily life.

Effective use of these disinfection products can do better to protect family members in daily life. Not just deal with COVID19. But also can keep families stay away from various common infectious diseases, including flu, gastrointestinal infections, etc.

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