ATYOU UVC Air Sterilizer FAQs

  • 2020-12-18 13:25:49

Q: Do people need to leave the room when ATYOU UVC air sterilizer is working?

A: No need to leave.

ATYOU UVC Air Sterilizer is a product designed to provide safe indoor air sterilization services in real-time. This device uses 254 nm wavelength UV light for disinfection that will not produce ozone and other by-products during running. And the ATYOU UVC Air Sterilizer had been designed with a built-in light-blocking disinfection chamber, where all the high-power UV sterilizer lights are set in it to ensure that UV light will not be leaked during work.

So, while ATYOU UVC air sterilizer is running disinfection, people will not be exposed to dangerous substances such as UV or ozone and can stay in the room safe while the machine is working.

Q: Can I keep the ATYOU UVC air sterilizer on? Is power consumption high?

A: We recommend that you keep the ATYOU UVC air sterilizer on all the time.

For air cleanliness around-the-clock, this germicidal air purification device is designed as an automated product for all days. After startup, the machine will cycle sterilization and dormancy continuously with a selected working mode.

This device is an energy-saving product, and its power consumption is only about 7 W per hour.  When it runs continuously, the daily power consumption is less than 0.2 kwh.

Q: Does this UVC air purification device be noisy?

A: No, the max noise level of this device is less than 45 dB.

Not only that, this UV light Air purifier has a silent sleeping mode. The noise level of disinfection work in this mode is less than 40 dB, which is better than the requirements of the EU Night Environment noise Code. It can meet the quiet needs of most people for sleep while maintaining air health in real-time.

Q: Can I install an ATYOU UVC air sterilizer in the bedroom?

A: Of course.

ATYOU UVC Air Sterilizer is a safe and silent air purification device designed for homes. It is ideal for all kinds of rooms less than 40㎡, including bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, washing rooms, etc.

Q: Why is the primary filter configured instead of the HEPA filter?

A: ATYOU Air sterilizer is a UV light sanitizer for indoor air sterilization, and all designs are for more efficient sterilization. Complicated filtration systems such as HEPA filters will form a porous space for bacteria and viruses to stay and avoid the UV light, which will reduce the UV sterilization efficiency. And that may release bacteria and viruses again when you replace or clean the filter, posing a potential threat.

The use of primary filters can effectively block large particles of hair and dust, can ensure that UV not blocked for efficient sterilization. And the primary filters have simple structures and are not easy to gather germs and cause secondary pollution.

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