Which Type Of UV Air Purification Device Is More Suitable For Me?

  • 2021-01-07 09:13:10

Because of the impact of respiratory epidemics, people began to pay more attention to air sanitation in 2020. Therefore, UV air disinfection equipment stands out from all air purification equipment and becomes a concerning household appliance. According to data from google, global searches for UV air sterilizers in 2020 have increased by 5 to 10 times than the same period in the past four years. And the sales of the related products are also rising sharply on all online and offline shopping platforms.

Such many people want to use UV air disinfection equipment to resist viruses and bacteria, and do you know what kind of equipment is more suitable for your house?

UV germicidal lights

The high-power and efficient UV germicidal lamps are one of the traditional UV sterilizers. It can sterilize the air and the surfaces of items in the room with direct irradiation, which is efficient and low cost. So, many hospitals and other places use high-power UV sterilizer lights to clean wards and clinics.

The operation of UV germicidal lights is as simple as ordinary fluorescent lighting, but it has a more direct risk. Direct exposure to UV will harm the skin and eyes of people and pets. It needs to avoid people and pets while using UV germicidal lamps to sterilize the room. This defect has led to the failure of this simple traditional sterilizer to provide real-time health protection. so the UV germicidal lights are less and less used for home air disinfection at present.

HVAC's UV sterilization module

The HVAC system integrates temperature regulation, humidity regulation, and ventilation control in one. It is a common integrated air conditioning system for single-family houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, and hotels. It is embedded in the residential structure to make air management easier. But when an epidemic breaks out, viruses and bacteria are also more likely to spread to the entire building space through the HVAC system.

For this, sterilizer manufacturers have launched UV sterilization components suitable for use in HVAC systems. The component is usually an efficient UV sterilizer box module that needs to be built into the HVAC air pipe network. The air is fed into the box by the HVAC, and be thoroughly sterilized in it. Because the UV ray is enclosed in the HVAC air duct, so the module can safely coexist with people while sterilizing, providing a large amount of healthy air at any time.

Real-time, efficient, and easy to manage, HVAC's UV sterilization module is suitable for various large-scale building spaces with HVAC systems. Its only drawback may be that it requires professional and skilled workers to install and maintain it.

Circulating air UVC air sterilizer

At present, the most popular household UV air purification equipment is the Circulating air UVC air sterilizer. This is a safe sterilizer appliance specially designed for sterilization co-existing with people. It continuously introduces indoor air circulation into the device and makes efficient sterilization, to provide healthy air in real-time.

Different from the sterilization module of HVAC, the circulating air UVC air sterilizer is complete equipment that can independently work. It is equipped with accessories including fans, UV lamps, filters, etc. So that the air disinfection equipment does not need to be attached to HVAC. It can be flexibly arranged in the indoor space to provide more careful air cleaning services. Moreover, the circulating air UV germicidal air purifier is the same as other plug-and-play household appliances, can be easily installed and used without professional technical support.

We can get some preliminary judgment from their characteristics. The traditional ultraviolet germicidal lamp is suitable for professional places such as hospital wards that need to disinfect air and surface at the same time. HVAC's UV sterilization module can only be used in buildings that are already equipped with HVAC systems. For most ordinary families, circulating air ultraviolet air sterilizer is a more ideal choice.

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