Baby Bottle Sterilizer Dryer FAQs (2)

  • 2023-01-05 17:30:12

Q: How do I use this UV bottle sterilizer dryer?

A: Open the lid of the electric baby bottle steriliser and dryer . Put the cleaned feeding bottle and nipple into the disinfection chamber with the bottle mouth facing down, and align the insides of the bottle and nipple with the UV lamp and air outlet. Then start the machine and select the disinfection or drying function. The device will automatically stop after the work is completed.

Q: Can this ultraviolet bottle sterilizer kill germs?

A: Sure.

This UV bottle sterilizer uses a high-quality 280 nm UVC LED for irradiation sterilization. UVC light can destroy DNA and RNA in cells in a short time, thus killing bacteria and microorganisms. The bactericidal effect of this product has been certified by an authoritative third-party organization. Please feel free to contact us to get the complete sterilization report.

As a professional OEM home sterilizer and cleaning appliances manufacturer, ATYOU Health Tech provides professional manufacturing services to customers around the world. We provide professional disinfection equipment and cleaning appliance products to markets all year round, including ODM UV air purifiers, ultrasonic cleaners, UV sterilizer boxes, shoe dryers, etc. Product quality by the market recognition.

Q: What are the functions of this UV bottle steriliser's three buttons?

A: "Child Safety Lock": Prevent children from turning on the power button of the ultraviolet sterilizer by mistake.

"Drying" (30min): Contains two functions of drying and disinfection, suitable for bottles that will store after washing.

"Disinfection" (5min): 5-minute quick disinfection function, suitable for quick cleaning bottles before use.

Q: How often do I need to replace the UV lamp?

A: No need to worry.

The UV light source used in this product is the latest in quality UVC LED products. These UVC LED service life is more than 5000 hours. With use per day, it will last for more than 10 years. Therefore, please feel free to use it. It does not need to worry about changing the UV lamps like using a traditional ultraviolet sterilizer. In addition, UVC-LED has another advantage in that is not have the same risk of mercury leakage as low-pressure mercury lamps and is safer.

Q: Can this bottle UV sterilizer be used to disinfect other things?

A: This bottle steriliser is specially designed for drying and disinfecting baby bottles. In addition to baby bottles, it can also be used for sterilizing and drying cups and bottles of suitable size.

However, to better protect the hygiene of feeding bottles, it is not recommended that bottles share disinfection equipment with other products. If you need to disinfect other daily items, please use another large-capacity ultraviolet disinfection box or disinfection equipment.

UV Bottle Drying Rack

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