[Retainer Daily Care] How To Keep The Retainer Clean And Fresh Every Day?

  • 2022-03-25 10:53:05

Many new retainer users have found that the retainers are easy to yellowing, fogging, and even unpleasant odors during use. This may be due to the lack of daily care of the retainer, resulting in stains or plaque on it. It is a red flag. The dirty retainers can even lead to oral diseases if users continue neglecting the daily cleaning and care.

To keep good daily care of the retainer will not only make it clean and fresh. That will also reduce the risk of oral diseases for users.

Daily cleaning

Want to keep the retainers clean and fresh for a long time, the first is to get into a good habit of cleaning them daily. Once or twice simple cleaning daily will remove the stains, saliva, etc.

· Daily cleaning of retainers with a home retainer ultrasonic cleaner only needs clean water to be the cleaning solution. It will complete the cleaning in 5 mins. It is easy and efficient without damaging the retainers.

· If you have not ultrasonic cleaning machine or are in travel, you can wash the retainers with a soft bristle toothbrush. Brush every surface of retainers carefully, and rinse them with cleaning water in the end.

Note: Not to clean the retainers with hot water and a stiff brush, which may damage the retainers.

Deep cleaning

Second, you need to deep clean your retainers regularly. The retainer has a lot of folds and is left in the mouth all day. They are easy to accumulate bacteria. That is why they become to have unpleasant odors. It recommends you do the deep cleaning of retainers at least twice each week. That will help the retainers keep away from bacteria and keep them fresh for a long time.

· With an Invisalign sonic cleaner, you can add special sheet-type retainer cleaners or a little alcohol-free mouthwash in the clean water to do a deep clean. Run the ultrasonic cleaning for 5 mins, then rinse the solutions on the retainer surfaces with clean water is ok.

· Besides, you can soak the retainers directly in a baking soda solution to do a deep clean. Soak the retainers for 15 to 20 mins, then rinse the baking soda solution on the retainers with clean water. In this way, you also can use vinegar or sheet-type retainer cleaners instead of baking soda. Because without ultrasonic cavitation to strengthen the cleaning effect, the soak method needs a longer time.

Note: Do not clean the retainer with aggressive cleaners, which will damage the retainer.

Do not soak the retainer for too long with vinegar or mouthwash, as this can damage the retainer.

After cleaning, be sure to rinse off the residual cleaning solution on the surface of the retainer.


Finally, in addition to cleaning, also pay attention to the storage of the retainer. This is something that many people tend to overlook. Incorrect storage can also make the retainer dirty, yellow, and smelly. It will even accelerate the aging of the retainer.

· Please clean and dry the retainer and put it in the special retainer storage box. And keep the box in a dry and cool space.

Note: Do not place the retainer anywhere it may get hot, such as in the car, next to the stove, etc.

Take care to clean the retainer storage box regularly.

A UV sanitizer box can be used to store the retainer, but please choose a professional product.

Care of the retainer is simple but important. Finally, we recommend that you use a professional retainer ultrasonic cleaner and retainer storage box, which will make the daily care of your retainer easier.

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