What Are The Advantages Of UV Bottle Sterilizers?

  • 2022-04-06 13:39:26

Because germs may be present on the bottles and pacifiers, they can pose a great risk to babies' delicate health. For parents, baby bottles and pacifiers cleaning, especially sterilization is the most important daily work. And parents usually will choose bottle sterilization products to help clean.

Steam bottle sterilizers and microwave bottle sterilizers are the more classic bottle disinfection products on the market. The UV bottle sterilizer is an emerging product in the present years. It is developing and being recognized by more and more users quickly. Now it is one of the most popular products on the market.

Does the UV bottle sterilizer worth it? What are its advantages?

Strong sterilization ability

The short wave ultraviolet (UVC) that use by UV bottle sterilizers is one of the best sanitizers in nature. According to research, most of the bacteria and viruses in nature have not UV resistant. UVC can kill 99.9% of germs, and the process usually takes only minutes or even seconds. Therefore, UV sterilization is often used in industries that need efficient sterilization, including medical, space, etc.

This strong sterilization ability is the most important reason why UV bottle drying rack is popular.

Low-temp sterilization

Different from steam bottle sterilizers and microwave bottle sterilizers, UV bottle sterilizers sterilize with light but not high temperature. Some plastic bottles on the market cannot withstand high temperatures. UV sterilization does not need heating, and it will not damage the bottles and pacifiers.

In addition, UV disinfection will not make the baby bottles and pacifiers hot, so the baby bottle sterilized by the UV baby bottle sterilizer can be directly picked up and used. This makes many parents prefer to use it.

No water and chemicals required

Easy operation is one of electric UV bottle sterilisers'(奶瓶) advantages in popularity. Its sterilization process does not need water or any chemical sanitizers. Just connect power, it can kill the germs on bottles and pacifiers. And there will be not any remains after sterilization. So, you don't need to rinse chemical sanitizer or dry the bottles. It is more eco-friendly and hygienic. So easy and convenient.

In addition, there are many advantages of UV sterilizers, which will not be detailed in this article. If you ask if a UV bottle sterilizer is worth buying, the answer must be 'Yes'.

UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

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