What Are The Similarities And Differences Between UV And Ozone At Home Disinfection?

  • 2021-02-07 08:55:44

As known, ultraviolet and ozone are two very powerful germicidal cleaners in nature. They are sterilization methods trusted by professionals. They are often used in a variety of professional places, including hospitals, factories, labs, etc.

There are many home sterilizer products on the market that now use UV and ozone. Knowing the main characteristics of these two disinfection methods will help us better choose a safe and applicable home sterilizer.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

UV sterilizers use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)Tech. UV is a kind of light with high energy. This light can penetrate the cell shell of organisms and directly damage genetic material such as DNA. That will lead to the death of bacteria and viruses. Because it directly destroys the genetic material of cells, UV sterilization is fast and effective for most bacteria and viruses.

The UV radiation energy can destroy the molecular chain to a certain extent and accelerate the oxidation of compounds. Therefore, UV has a deodorizing function for the odor caused by some compounds, but the effect is weak.

Compared with chemical disinfectants, UV disinfection is a physical method that uses light to kill bacteria. When the light source is turned off, the rays disappear immediately without leaving any by-products. The characteristics of this non-toxic by-product make UV technology more suitable for some disinfection products related to tableware or babies, such as baby bottle sterilizer and dryer.

UV is a special light. Its irradiation can kill germs and cause damage to people's skin and eyes. However, the occlusion, refraction, and reflection of conventional substances all will weaken UV rays. By that, UV will not be harmful to people and even will lose the effect of sterilization. Therefore, the ultraviolet disinfection products with reasonably designed that block the UV with a UV-proof shell, which can achieve safe human-machine coexistence and provide real-time disinfection services. But also for that, when you need to use a high-power UV sterilizer light to disinfect the whole room, please minimize the UV shielding to ensure the ideal sterilization effect.

Ozone Disinfector

Ozone disinfectors use the strong oxidation chemical characteristics of ozone to disinfect things. Ozone can quickly oxidize proteins in the cell of microorganisms and make them denaturant to kill microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, bad bugs, etc. Because ozone and UV all sterilize with destroying the basic substance of organisms direct, they all have broad applicability that can kill most germs.

Ozone is a strong oxidant. It can react directly with compounds and quickly oxidize various odor compounds. Ozone is more efficient than UV light in the deodorization function. Therefore, ozone is often used in deodorizer products such as electric boot dryer sterilizer.

Ozone is a green disinfectant. It is an unstable gas that exists in nature. It will decompose spontaneously and eventually be completely converted into oxygen, and will not remain on the object.

As a gas, ozone has high diffusion characteristics. Ozone can thoroughly disinfect the whole room easily and is no easy to be obscured, so it is a very efficient way of sterilization. But when the disinfection is completed, the room needs to be ventilated and placed for a while, waiting for the ozone to dissipate. The ozone concentration must be reduced to a harmless level before people enter.

Ozone can be dissolved in water to sterilize and purify water more comprehensively. And water containing enough ozone is also a very effective natural germicidal cleaner.

Both UV sterilizers and ozone disinfectors are products with very powerful sterilization functions. Their different characteristics determine that they are suitable for different user needs. Understanding these characteristics can also help people use two kinds of disinfection equipment more safely and create a clean home environment easy.

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