• Institutions Predict That The Market For Shoe Dryers Is Trending To Boom
    • May 12, 2022
    Institutions Predict That The Market For Shoe Dryers Is Trending To Boom

    Recently, several global market research institutions have released the latest market research report on shoe dryers. The report shows that the global shoe dryer market is going to boom. According to statistics, the global electric shoe dryer market value was about $67 million in 2021. Experts predict that the market will maintain an average compound annual growth rate of more than 2.9% from 2022 to 2028, and the overall market value will reach about $82 million in 2028. In recent years, as capital is optimistic about the small household appliance market, more and more capital and technical forces have been invested in the industry. As a sector in the small household appliance, shoe dryers have also got the chance of quickly developing. The participation of a large number of design and development forces has enabled the rapid upgrading of shoe dryer products. The appearance of many products also breaks away from the humbleness of old-fashioned products and becomes modern and stylish. Electric boot drying rack are becoming smaller, more efficient, and more energy-saving. The new shoe dryer product has become more able to meet the needs of consumers in terms of performance and user experience. These changes have greatly boosted the willingness of consumers to buy shoe dryers in the case of economic recovery. It has also been the reason for stimulating the development of the market. The development of technology has further expanded the share in segmented markets of shoe dryer products. Data shows that more and more skiers are purchasing portable warm air shoe dryers as travel ski boot dryers. Fitness enthusiasts are also becoming one of the main consumers of portable ozone boot dryers that can sterilize and remove odor. Affected by the epidemic, many people have reduced outdoor activities in the past two years, including adventure, travel, fitness, and so on. Next, with the relaxation of policies in various countries, the demand for people to go out will be released in a concentrated manner. According to expert analysis, this will also lead to a period of rapid growth in the consumption of shoes and related supplies, including shoe dryers. The influence of various factors has boosted the market size, and the shoe dryer market can be expected well in the future.

  • Health, Wellness, And Cleaning Concepts Take Center Stage At CES 2022
    • Jan 19, 2022
    Health, Wellness, And Cleaning Concepts Take Center Stage At CES 2022

    On January 7, CES 2022, the world's largest consumer electronics show, officially ended. Due to the global pandemic, CES 2021 had become the first online CES in decades. This year, CES 2022 was still affected by the resurgence of the epidemic. At CES 2022, the organizer and government departments had strengthened various health management measures of the spot and had shorted the originally planned 4-day exhibition to 3 days. Nevertheless, CES2022 was still held as scheduled, had brought people a variety of innovative technologies and future trends in consumer electronics. Due to the impact of this global epidemic, health and cleanliness have become important keywords that frequently appeared on the show site this year. On the show site, technological innovations in digital health, commercial & home sterilizers, cleaning equipment, and more are in the spotlight. Digital Health takes center stage Less than a decade ago, digital health went unnoticed at the CES show. They only made up a tiny fraction of the showrooms at the time. The concept of digital health was not sought after at the time due to the immaturity of the technology and the distrust by healthcare professionals. After years of technological development and the impact of the past two-year global pandemic, digital health took center stage at CES this year. Many innovative digital health products had been released at CES 2022, covering all aspects. These include remote patient detection tools, wearable health monitoring devices, monitoring systems that help parents track infant sleep health, smart scales that can monitor blood pressure, and mobile games that help people build healthy mental. These products were attracting interest not only from general buyers but also from healthcare professionals. Innovations in cleaning and sterilization are in the spotlight The global pandemic has shown a more intuitive impact on cleaning and sterilization technologies. To combat the epidemic, deep cleaning technology and sterilization technology have attracted more and more attention in the past two years. People have invested many funds and technical forces in the development of related fields and have achieved many excellent innovative achievements. On the show of this year, two smart disinfection robots were named CES 2022 Innovation Awards. One of them is equipped with a spray disinfection system, and the other is equipped with high-power UVC germicidal lights. Their different sterilization system designs make them suitable for different scenarios. In addition, a variety of cleaning products such as UV air disinfection machines applied to air disinfection in bus compartments were also named this year's CES Innovation Award. So many cleaning and disinfecting products were named CES innovation awards, which is not been seen in the exhibition over the years. Judging from the performance of CES 2022, people are using technology to seek a more healthy future. We can predict that health and cle...

  • Market Increasing States Of Some Home Cleaning Appliances In 2020 & 2021
    • Nov 30, 2021
    Market Increasing States Of Some Home Cleaning Appliances In 2020 & 2021

    2020 and 2021 will be a huge turning point for the global cleaning products market. The spread of the novel coronavirus unleashed an "unprecedented, never-before-seen-in-modern-times demand for everyday cleaning products," says Brian Sansoni, senior vice president of communications at the American Cleaning Institute. The cleaning appliances are a small part of cleaning products. Most cleaning appliances, especially deep cleaning appliances including household sterilizers, have been in a mild or slow situation in the past market. In 2020 and 2021, with the affected by the global environment, the household cleaning appliances market has also seen huge demand growth. And now, with the normalization of the epidemic, different clean electrical appliances markets have begun to show different growth conditions. Is returning to moderate growth of conventional household disinfection equipment At the beginning of the epidemic, due to the panic for COVID 19, the demand for deep cleaning in the market experienced an unusual explosive growth. In 2020, all kinds of sterilizers had been in short supply in the market, including UV sterilizer boxes, UV cell phone sanitizers, cutting board UVC sterilizers, etc. And this year, as people learn more about the epidemic, sales growth of these conventional disinfection products is slowing down. Although the growth trend is still higher than before the epidemic, it has become more rational and moderate growth. Baby cleaning products have been growing steadily Different from other products, baby cleaning products have been growing steadily. It may be because parents of newborns are more concerned about the health of infants and young children regardless of whether there is an epidemic or not, and the market for baby-related cleaning products has not seen significant sudden growth. For example, electric baby steriliser and baby room UV air purifier, two typical baby cleaning products, their market demand has been showing steady and gentle growth. Including the explosive growth of other cleaning products in the initial stage of the epidemic, the market demand trends for baby cleaning appliances have also not changed significantly. Pet-related cleaning appliances are becoming more and more popular In 2020 and 2021, the increase in home life has made make many people pay more attention to family companionship, and the number of pet owners is also increasing. For that, the market for pet products has also grown. At the same time, because of the epidemic, people's concept of health and hygiene has been greatly improved. People are also paying more attention to the cleanliness and health of pets and family members while raising pets. Therefore, pet-related cleaning appliances have obvious growth trends, such as pet dryers, pet owner UVC air purifier, etc. are also breaking through the normal growth and gradually becoming new best-selling products. And it is foreseeable that the market for pet-related cleaning appliances will be ...

  • Some Changes Of Christmas Gifts Market For Health & Cleaning In 2021
    • Sep 28, 2021
    Some Changes Of Christmas Gifts Market For Health & Cleaning In 2021

    Due to the global manufacturing and international shipping environment, the Christmas stocking in 2021 is earlier than in previous years. Recently, most businesses around the world have started to purchase this year's Christmas products in advance. This also allows us to understand some trends in global Christmas gift market demand in 2021 from the manufacturers in advance. 2020's epidemic has greatly affected people's choice of Christmas gifts. Products for health and cleaning had become one of the fastest-growing categories in 2020. In 2021, as the fight against the epidemic has become regular, although people are still keen to choose health products as Christmas gifts, their demand has also changed.   Choice under theregular epidemic prevention and control The COVID19 had attacked all the world suddenly in 2020. For fighting the virus, people had bought a variety of disinfection equipment, including UV mask disinfection boxes, UV cell phone sanitizer, portable cup disinfectors, USB UV light, etc. All the sterilizer products and other related products have sold well in the rush to purchase, no matter whether practical or not. And most become the bestsellers in Christmas and Black Friday in 2020. In 2021, epidemic prevention and control have become regular. Vaccines and medical technology for COVID19 have made great progress this year, and people also have learned more about the epidemic. Due to this, people's consumption began to return to rationality.Now, people are still concerned about health and cleanliness, but not so blind. For Christmas purchases this year, health-related products are still hot-selling categories,but the situation is somewhat different from 2020. The sales of some impractical novelty products have fallen. And the health and cleaning products which are very practical and easy to use in normal life, have become more and more popular this year, such as Baby room quiet air purifiers or vacuum cleaners with UV disinfection function, etc. We have learned from the relevant manufacturers that these products are the most popular among the development needs of new products this year and the procurement needs of 2021 Christmas products that have already begun.   Physical and mental health The epidemic protection and control becoming regular have made people start more home lives, and it has also made many people pay more attention to the beautiful details of life. Therefore, when people buy some functional products this year, appearance and feel become very important determinants. Especially the health and cleaning products that paid more attention to function in previous years, the products with beautiful shape, comfortable touch, and excellent function performance have been more popular with consumers this year, such as cute & mini home retainer ultrasonic cleaner, more beautiful home fitness equipment, etc. In addition to the functions, their design also allows people to feel more psyc...

  • Small Home Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Becoming The New Darling Of The Market
    • Sep 07, 2021
    Small Home Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Becoming The New Darling Of The Market

    With the development of technology and productivity, ultrasonic cleaners are being accepted by more and more people. From laboratory to industrial use, to commercial and household use, the development of ultrasonic cleaning machines has gone through several stages in just a few decades. Up to now, there is no longer only the large-scale industrial or commercial ultrasonic cleaner that was used decades ago on the market. There are more and more miniaturized household products. At present, several compact and beautifully designed household products are becoming new popular in the market.   Retainer ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic dental retainer cleaner is an emerging market. As more andmore people are concerned about dental health, the number of consumers of orthodontics is rapidly increasing.  And most of them are young. In recent years, the transparent retainer (aligner) has become the first choice for more and more consumers because it is easy to use and beautiful appearance. Compared with the traditional fixed metal aligners, the transparent aligner is more beautiful and convenient to take off without a doctor. Transparent retainer requires daily cleaning and maintenance. However, it is relatively small and has more tortuous surfaces, which makes manual cleaning more troublesome. Therefore, ultrasonic products specially designed for daily cleaning of dental retainer were born. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic cleaning machine, the home retainer ultrasonic cleaner has a mini and more fashionable shape. It is more in line with the aesthetics of young people, so once it was launched became so popular in the market.   Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been used in jewelry cleaning for a longer time. However, ultrasonic cleaners were not a popular household product in the past, and there were only more expensive and bulky commercial models on the market. Therefore, people had more often to go to jewelry stores for jewelry cleaning early years. In the past two years, the commercialization of professional jewelry ultrasonic cleaner products has been relatively successful, and the equipment has become more affordable and compact. So, people are also more willing to buy some home jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean some daily jewelry. Therefore, in the past two years, the sales of small household jewelry washing machines are also increasing year by year.   There are not only these two products but also other products such as the earlier-appearing glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine, the latest contact lens ultrasonic cleaning machine, and other products also show a trend of rapid growth. It is believed that in the next few years, the market for small home ultrasonic cleaning equipment will become even more popular.

  • Attention-grabbing UV Products At CES 2021
    • Jan 29, 2021
    Attention-grabbing UV Products At CES 2021

    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, CES 2021 became the first online CES exhibition since it started in 1967. As before, CES 2021showcased the most advanced electronic products, technologies, and concepts now in the world. At this year's CES, the concept of health permeated the whole exhibition. There were various health technology products represented by UV disinfection electronic products incarnated that became stars attracting attention from peoples on the show. People hope to use the power of technology to fight epidemics. Smart UV Mask Smart masks can be seen everywhere on CES 2021, and smart UV masks occupied a large proportion of mask exhibits.  In fact, the CES 2021 is not the first appearance of the smart UV mask. In 2020, a variety of UV protective masks had appeared in the global market. They combine UV germicidal light tech, use UV light sanitizer to provide users with cleaner air. Or use the UV light sanitizer disinfect masks direct so that masks can have a longer working life. In CES 2021, the smart masks brought by exhibitors have been further upgraded. New smart masks have used more sensors and get designs that better meet the needs of users. These make all kinds of smart masks that including UV masks become superstars on CES 2021. UV Disinfection Robot Many manufacturers have brought their own UV disinfection robots to the CES 2021. The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has a great impact on the whole world. For various public spaces, maintaining cleaning environments for reducing the spread of the virus brought huge labor and cost pressures to staff and managers. In response to market demand, technology innovation companies have quickly launched various intelligent UV disinfection robots, and quickly put them into practical use. The UV disinfection robots displayed at CES 2021 is highly intelligent. They can independently plan the sterilization work and charge themselves and can avoid crowds for safe and thorough disinfection. These UV disinfection robots have greatly eased the operating pressure of managers in public spaces, and they are excellent public space UV cleaner devices. Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Air purification device is another hot product at this CES. COVID-19 has influenced the design philosophy of the air purification equipment that appeared on CES 2021. The demand is shifting from more popular filter purification to the comprehensive purification of filtration and sterilization. People begin to hope that the air purifiers can effectively kill bacteria and viruses while filtering, and hope that they can eliminate health risks in the air at one time. Therefore, there were more air purifiers with disinfection function appeared on CES 2021 than before, and UV air purifier sterilizer is most of them. Air purifiers that apply UV sterilization tech can have a more compact body and higher sterilization efficiency, and do not require more consumables. Multiple advantages make this technology the first choice for many manufa...

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