• Increased Demand For Protection And Disinfection Products Under COVID-19 Disease
    • Mar 18, 2020
    Increased Demand For Protection And Disinfection Products Under COVID-19 Disease

    With COVID-19 wreaking havoc all over the world, from the beginning of 2020, all industries around the world are largely affected. This has led to significant sales decline for many consumer goods. Also due to the impact of the epidemic, the global demand for protective products and disinfection products has increased sharply in a short time. Medical and protective materials are in short supply COVID-19 has a route of transmission similar to the influenza virus, but has stronger infection ability and destructive power than the influenza virus. And at present, there is no highly effective treatment or drug for this new type of viral disease. Therefore, protective equipment such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, and gloves have become the most effective equipment for people to resist COVID-19. And they have become daily necessities that people in all regions need to store these days. The sudden growth in medical and daily demand has exceeded the world's conventional production capacity, and there is now reserves shortage in the global market. At present, manufacturers around the world are making every effort to improve the production capacity for items, such as masks, in order to meet the market demand in this special period. Global sales of disinfection products rose significantly Because of the epidemic, disinfection products have become the best-selling products besides medical masks and goggles. During this period, in addition to strengthening the protection of the respiratory tract when going out, people also began to pay more attention to daily items deep cleaning. People do more disinfection for daily used items, to avoid bringing the virus home, and to reuse the protective items after disinfection in case of shortage. On the global online retail platforms led by Amazon and Taobao, sales of germicidal hand sanitizer and various household disinfector and air sterilizer have increased significantly in a short time, reaching an increase of more than 300% in the same period last year. Among all kinds of disinfection equipment, the sales growth of ultraviolet disinfection products with high germicidal efficiency and non-toxic residues is particularly prominent. Take the smartphone UV sanitizer on Amazon for example, it belongs to minority products in the past, with stable sales, but in the past two months, all electric phone sanitizers have been sold out one after another. A similar situation is also occurring in professional UV air disinfection equipment, general-purpose UV disinfection box and other electric steriliser set. Experts predict that due to COVID-19's possible influence for a long time, the sales increase of UV disinfection products will also last long. ATYOU Health Tech is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of disinfection equipment and one of the earliest factories in China to resume work. At present, ATYOU Health Tech has entered the normal production state, and continues to provide customers with all kinds...

  • Qiqiangsheng Group 15th Anniversary Celebration And 2020 New Year Party
    • Jan 29, 2020
    Qiqiangsheng Group 15th Anniversary Celebration And 2020 New Year Party

    On Jan.14, 2020, Qiqiangsheng Group held a grand 15th-anniversary celebration and the 2020 New Year party, together with ATYOU Health Tech and other subsidiaries. In this 15th anniversary celebration, the group founder Mr. Chen shared the group development history and future plan with all employees. In 2004, Mr. Chen built the initial team with some experienced manufacturing practitioners as the core, and established the first mold factory of Qiqiangsheng Group. After undergoing 4 relocations and expansions in the past 15 years, Qiqiangsheng Group has grown from only as a mold manufacturer to an omnidirectional production service provider, covering mold design, mold production, injection molding, electronics production and assembly. The group has become a trusted production partner for some Fortune 500 companies, who requesting high quality and reliable services and products. OEM/ODM products cover medical, home appliances, furniture, automotive, electronics and other industries. In 2017, Qiqiangsheng Group invested in the establishment of ATYOU Health Tech, as its subsidiary, and started diversified group development. ATYOU Health Tech relies on the comprehensive and excellent production capacity of Qiqiangsheng Group, and focuses on independent R&D, production and sales of home cleaning appliances and personal healthcare electronics. In the past two years, ATYOU Health Tech has developed several excellent small clean appliances and has obtained multiple patents. Among them, the mini Invisalign ultrasonic cleaner, bottle drying sterilizer, and other products had been recognized by professional buyers at internationally renowned exhibitions in 2019 and were included in the 2020 purchase list. In the future, Qiqiangsheng Group will continue to take excellent productivity as its core value, developing OEM/ODM production capability and independent R&D, to provide better products and services for more brands and users. In the celebration, Qiqiangsheng Group and ATYOU Health Tech and other subsidiaries held a pleasant employee dinner, rewarding the outstanding employees who have grown together with the company, and shared with all employees for 15 years fruitful development.

  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    • Jan 20, 2020
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Dear customers, the Chinese New Year is coming. This is a greeting from ATYOU Health Tech. In China, the Chinese New Year symbolizes the beginning of spring, and people pray for health, happiness and wealth. ATYOU Health Tech wishes you a fruitful new year. Happy New Year! In the past 2019, ATYOU Health Tech had established a good production cooperation relationship with many well-known groups around the world such as Ogawa Group. Our self-developed products, like UV phone sanitizer charger, dental ultrasonic cleaner, UV bottle sterilizer dryer, had been put in the 2020 purchase list by buyers from North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. In 2019, ATYOU Health Tech expanded the production base and supply chain, strengthened R&D, production and sales. We believe that ATYOU Health Tech will be the ideal production cooperator of more companies in the coming day. Continue to email us in the Chinese New Year holiday, we will reply as soon as possible. ATYOU Health Tech

  • 2019 UV Disinfection Tech Development And Innovative Disinfection Products
    • Jan 17, 2020
    2019 UV Disinfection Tech Development And Innovative Disinfection Products

    In the past 20 years, UV technology has been a leader in disinfection, since people can get a full sterilization effect without harmful chemicals added from it. In 2019, there have been many new developments in UV disinfection technology, concerning component upgrades and disinfection applications. In 2019, a germicidal LED supplier from CA, USA announced they had got important progress on UVC emitters. Their latest UVC emitter has a 99.999% killing rate of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from a distance of 1m to the targeted surface, covering about 1㎡in area, and the process only took less than 1 minute. MRSA is a dangerous super germ that is resistant to penicillin and amoxicillin (among other common antibiotics). This experiment was done by a third-party laboratory. This technological innovation means that it has greatly improved the UVC killing efficiency and practicality of super bacteria, which will make UVC more widely used in medical health and food safety. According to news from the world's major UVC LED suppliers, in the second half of 2019, the production and supply of UVC LEDs have significantly improved, and this development has reduced the application costs of UVC LEDs. Low-cost, safe, compact and efficient features also attract more small appliances suppliers to invest in the innovation and development of UVC LED disinfection products. For example, some innovators have applied UVC LEDs to robots and drones, combined UVC tech with popular technologies to develop future disinfection products with special effects. In addition to disinfection robots and drones, many innovative UV home sterilizers are developed for general consumers, like the UV bottle sterilizer and dryer, which is lighter and with more compact size than traditional models. Using the latest UVC LEDs as sterilization elements, this electric baby steriliser has reduced the size of the device by more than 50%. There are also many new UV disinfection equipment such as UV cell phone sanitizer and charger, more compact portable UV disinfection lamp, etc. It is believed that in 2020, consumers can see more useful and safe new household disinfection equipment on the market.

  • CES 2020 And Appliances That Are Changing Life
    • Jan 10, 2020
    CES 2020 And Appliances That Are Changing Life

    From Jan.7 to Jan.10, the 2020 international CES had taken on at Las Vegas, western of the US. As the world's largest exhibition that showing lasted cutting-edge consumer electronics technology, CES gathers hundreds of thousands of technology innovators, electronics manufacturers and buyers every year. In this year's CES, 5G, AI, foldables, monitor and robots are the topics that mostly draw media's attention. But, the phone tech, AI and robots are not all of CES. One constant for CES is the emergence of new, strange, and potentially life-changing gadgets that aim to improve your quality of life. From electric cars to baby electronics, CES has become a press conference on the future trends of almost all kinds of home appliances. At CES 2020, manufacturers also showed a variety of the latest electronic products, including self-seals sacks trash cans, small desktop clothes dryers, compact dishwashers and home sterilizer and dryer. The emergence of these products tells people that miniaturization, health and intelligence will be the new trend of home appliances in the next few years. These new appliances are helping people make their lives healthier, eco-friendlier and more comfortable. People can do housework easier such as cleaning and disinfection, and save space from been occupied by more new and large equipment. In fact, this is not the first time that health-conscious miniaturized appliances appear at CES 2020. At the previous Hong Kong Electronics Fair, many new mini personal care appliances attracted the attention of buyers. For example, the mini household ultrasonic cleaner, developed by ATYOU Health Tech, attracted high attention from visitors at the 2019 Hong Kong Fair.

  • New Year, New Office For ATYOU Health Tech In 2020
    • Jan 02, 2020
    New Year, New Office For ATYOU Health Tech In 2020

    From the beginning of new year 2020, ATYOU Health Tech officially move into new office, aiming to create a service chain that links R&D and production more closely. The new office is in the Technology&Innovation Center of Haicang District, Xiamen. It is also the headquarter of QIQIANGSHENG Moulds Group, which is the parent company of ATYOU Health Tech. The mold and injection molding workshop are next to it. In the office center, more subsidiaries of QIQIANGSHENG Moulds Group will join, including ATYOU Health Tech, mold factory and injection molding factory, covering management team, R&D and sales staff. In the future, ATYOU Health Tech's OEM/ODM services will be supported by faster communication and closer collaboration. ATYOU's products are backed by QIQIANGSHENG Group's 20 years of professional manufacturing experience. Outstanding production quality is one of the highlights of ATYOU's products. Like the new mini dental ultrasonic cleaner, developed by ATYOU Health Tech in 2019. Its excellent design and injection molding process have become the reasons why many buyers choose to cooperate with ATYOU. ATYOU Health Tech focuses on R&D and production of small appliances, baby product and sterilizer machine. From 2017 to 2019, many products, such as the cell phone sanitizer, had achieved patents. In the lasted year, ATYOU Health Tech had built good relationships with customers from the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and other countries.

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