• New Changes In Choosing Suppliers In The New Global Trade Situation In 2020
    • Dec 23, 2019
    New Changes In Choosing Suppliers In The New Global Trade Situation In 2020

    Recently, the Chinese and U.S. governments issued announcements announcing reach phase one Trade Agreement. According to the agreement, China will increase its purchase of American agricultural products, and the United States will also abolish its policy of increasing tariffs and gradually reduce tariffs on existing Chinese imports. Also, the Chinese and US governments have reached further discussions on intellectual property, expanding trade, exchange rates, and financial services. During the last two years of Sino-US trade conflicts, the situation of global trade has changed greatly, which has also affected the supply chains of traders in various countries. With phase one of the Sino-US trade agreement at the end of 2019, the situation will be eased but will not be completely stable in a short time for the time being. Therefore, there will be some new changes in the selection of suppliers by international traders in 2020. To respond to changing global trade situations and avoid risks, buyers will be more inclined to choose the suppliers who can accept small test orders, attention at intellectual property protection, and have stable manufacturing or supply capabilities. In 2019, ATYOU Health Tech had tried to cooperate with international buyers on more small orders. Many ultraviolet light sanitizer devices with utility patents and design patents had been favored by many small appliances traders and brands. Among them, the latest Eco friendly bottle sterilizer is becoming a popular purchase product in 2020. Established by professional manufacturer Qiqiangsheng Moulds Group, ATYOU Health Tech has a stable production service supply chain that integrates R&D, mold production, injection molding, and assembly. That is the reason why many buyers go on deep cooperate with ATYOU Health Tech in R&D and OEM.

  • Rising Environmental Awareness Changes Home Disinfection Users' Purchasing Preferences
    • Dec 12, 2019
    Rising Environmental Awareness Changes Home Disinfection Users' Purchasing Preferences

    In 2019, some environmental news makes people pay more attention to environmental changes. Including the Earth Greening Area report from NASA, Amazon forest fires, FDA promotes alternatives to ethylene oxide sterilization, etc. Thanks to the hard work of the World Health Organization (WHO) and many environmental agencies, the global public's environmental awareness has been greatly improved. Under this influence, global consumers' purchasing preferences have also changed significantly. In the household disinfection equipment market, the impact of this increased environmental awareness is more noticeable. In the bestseller list of, the rankings of eco-friendly household sterilizers and natural plant-derived cleaner are continuously rising. For the home disinfection products, in addition to traditional steam sterilization products, the sales of more efficient and eco-friendly ultraviolet light sanitizer and ozone sterilization equipment are rapidly increasing. These more effective and eco-friendlier electric steriliser set are replacing compound disinfectants that were previously widely used. High efficiency, energy-saving, and no toxic or side residues are the more desirable advantages of these products. Focusing on new home sterilizers, ATYOU Health Tech has been working to apply technologies that better meet consumers' needs into products. In 2019, ATYOU Health Tech applied the latest eco-friendly UV LED to domestic sterilizer, developed a more energy-efficient and eco-friendlier baby bottle sterilizer and dryer, which has doubled the efficiency. The product had received good reviews from the buyers in America, Europe, Australia, Korean, Japan etc.

  • Ultrasonic Clear Aligner Cleaner
    • Dec 06, 2019
    Ultrasonic Clear Aligner Cleaner

    According to data from market research institutions, the retail sales of small appliances in the global market in 2018 reached $ 101.8 billion (about 0.90 trillion RMB), reaching 22.0% of the total retail sales of the home appliance industry. In 2019, this proportion is still increasing. Expert forecasts, in 2019-2025, the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of the small home appliance market is expected to reach about 6% -7%, which is an increase from 5.2% in 2014-2018. The small home appliance market has a large market, but leading brands account for only 20% -30% of the overall, and about 70% of the market share is shared by many small businesses. For new entrants, this market is very competitive, but more opportunities also exist. In recent years, the market for traditional home appliances has gradually stabilized. People starts to show less interest in traditional products with complex functions, unclear target customers, and poor performance. In contrast, "Small but beautiful" products are becoming more popular in the market. "Small and beautiful" products are products whose functions are unique and superior and have very clear target customers. For example, when cleaning a mobile phone, people are more willing to choose a phone UV sterilizer box specially designed for mobile phone disinfection, rather than wiping the mobile phone with a conventional disinfectant that may damage the mobile phone. Therefore, the "small and beautiful" product trend has gradually become a new growth driver for the global small home appliance market. As a professional manufacturer of personal healthcare appliances, ATYOU health tech focus on developing new cleaning appliances. Ultrasonic clear aligner cleaner, a 2019 new product of ATYOU health Tech, has been hailed as a "Small but Beautiful" personal cleaning appliance by many wholesale customers at international trade fairs, calling it an excellent option for 2020 small appliance products purchase.

  • 2019 Shopping Season Starts And Baby Products' Sales Shows New Shopping Trends
    • Nov 22, 2019
    2019 Shopping Season Starts And Baby Products' Sales Shows New Shopping Trends

    With the coming shopping peak season in late 2019, the world global market is preparing for the most anticipated shopping period of the year. Recently, the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, initiated by China and now having a huge impact on the whole Asian market, has just ended. Black Friday and Christmas which are the traditional shopping festivals of western countries, are also coming soon and fully prepared now. Double 11 shopping festival is initiated by Taobao, which belongs to the Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba. The Double 11 has gradually developed into a shopping carnival of all online and offline markets in China and throughout Asia. The shopping festival's turnover is growing in a surprising high-speed year by year, from 2009 to present, and the sales results of every year indicates the next year shopping trends of Asian market. The 2019 Double 11 shopping festival is just ended, and the whole Chinese online market business volume has reached $58.3 billion (RMB 410.1 billion), with increase of 30.47%. Baby products are hot items in every platform. In this year Double 11, baby products' turnover has increased more than 100% in many eCommerce platforms, and some even reach 260%. Many baby brands achieve sales of $14.23 million (RMB 100 million) in about 1 hour. Some new changes are showed in this year shopping trends. Baby health electronics become hot in the baby products' market. electric baby steriliser, electric cleaning kit, and some special disinfection equipment get very notable growth in sales. Besides, the Black Friday and Christmas are coming soon. They are important shopping festival in western countries. According to some experts' prediction, the baby products will also be the hot sales in these western festivals. In some shopping carts of online customers', safer baby bottles sterilizer & dryer and other new baby electronics had been included for the deal day. It is believed that in this year-end shopping carnival of Western countries', there also will be a notable increase in baby products' sales. Previously, on the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, ATYOU Health Tech's new health-care electronic products had received praise from buyers worldwide. Many world-renowned baby brands have expressed great interest in ATYOU's patented high-efficiency bottle sterilizer and dryer. And they hope to carry out in-depth cooperation on this product next year.

  • Welcome Ogawa Group's Visit To ATYOU Health Tech Factory
    • Nov 14, 2019
    Welcome Ogawa Group's Visit To ATYOU Health Tech Factory

    Ogawa Group visited our factory in Haicang Dist., Xiamen, Fujian, China last week. With headquarter in Malaysia, the group has been leading in design, development and marketing of health and wellness equipment for more than 20 years. The group purchase team met us in HK Electronics Fair in Oct., and was highly impressed by the design and structural&appearance processing of our products. During the visit, the team again checked our smartphone UV sanitizer, ultrasonic denture cleaner, baby bottle sterilizer and dryer, taking some samples to show their sales team, so as to check market and present on their selling channels. After factory tour, the customer strengthens the confidence to work with us, through both direct product buying, and high precision mold and stable injection processing.

  • ATYOU Health Tech Group Attends K Fair 2019
    • Nov 08, 2019
    ATYOU Health Tech Group Attends K Fair 2019

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds, the parent company of ATYOU Health Tech., had participated in the K Fair in Germany during 16th-23th, Oct., 2019. It is the World's No. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. All the ATYOU products including the sonic clear aligner cleaner, smartphone UV sanitizer, and baby bottle sterilizer and dryer were presented on the K fair. The molds of these products are all designed and manufactured by our parent company. And we receive many praises from visitors on the machining and production of these exclusive products. Having been engaged in manufacture for 20 years, Qiqiangsheng Moulds has established good and long-term production cooperation relationship with many European and American customers. During the exhibition, most European old customers visited us on-site, exchanging views on the current and future cooperation. One of the old customers is working with Qiqiangsheng Moulds in OEM, for a personally used sterilize device. Both parties have worked together on production improvement and design upgrade, helping the customer wining more than 80% of world market share in the specific industry. With more than 10 years' experience in sterilize electronics industry, our group is equipped with professional engineers, competitive supply chain and efficient production line. ATYOU Health Tech is always ready to offer you best solution for personal healthcare electronics design and manufacture.




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